Day 1 of 30

Sometimes you just have to move around a bit more. Coz what if, you don’t live out the remaining years of a person’s average lifetime? What If there’s a zombie apocalypse? Or WW3 care of Pres. Trump? I don’t know pretty much about how the world would pan out. But I’m sure as hell going to make the most out of it. Depends on how I’d see what ‘most” is.

Today’s first day of living healthy, I jogged for 20 mins, walked 20 mins *got lost in the neighborhood, literally*, skipped some ropes for a good 5 mins, and done full body exercise for 7mins. Drank a healthy smoothie drink too, for 3 days straight now. I juiced it out. Just a couple of calamine, pineapple, and apple.