How to Move Out of the House

School is coming up and what better way to spend time to have detailed plan on how to successfully move out of the house.

It may sound oh so easy but you actually do have to plan it out. So you don’t have to think about the things you’d leave behind. Yes, if it’s THAT important then how can you actually leave them behind, right? But the mind can only take what it can take. So here are some of my go to what-to-never-leave-behind-survival-kit-stuffs.

    1. Budget Plan. This includes how much you gonna eat each meal. Yes, each meal to lessen the possibility of overspending which leads from one cheat meal to an all out week long eating spree. Then put that on repeat for a couple of weeks it turns to be a habit and then whose going to be broke, heavier and in dire need of extra lungs for pulling the additional weight in each and every step for then forth? Second is how much you gonna pay for boarding. It’s fixed rate so nothing new here. Third, fare. Let’s face it. You’re not going to live in a hole so plot a daily to and fro budget for fares. Depends if you’re the outgoing type or the go to grocery kind of person, so adjust the possibilities. Fourth, laundry. Usually, facilities for boarding don’t let you do laundry. So, you really have to pack light clothes coz most likely, those few extra weight if all added up per laundry (our laundry goes by kilo so it matters when multiplied per week to monthly rates). Fifth, is miscellaneous. In school you have those extra things you have to pay. In my case, photocopies. They usually come per subject topics to multiply all the topics in each subject to average or usual rate you pay for each topic. They usually cost a lot so miscellaneous tag is a misnomer for extra money actually not extra wad since a student gotta pay what a student gotta pay. In second thought I might present this as an entirely different cell (in excel) from miscellaneous funds so yes. I do present it to my mum since she does this budget per month thing in excel since time immemorial. Which is a great idea, might I add. I don’t do surprise anything much. What I usually do to lessen the complexity is put it in a table and input the daily expense each category then another cell (the abscissa part for daily, weekly, monthly codes for each cell and it multiples on its own and sums everytime and with every minute change). Yes, the ordinate part of the table (if I’m labelling things correctly) are the ones I enumerated above ( Meal, Fare, Boarding rates etc). This is what I do to keep tabs and not to excess from Mum’s Excels.
    2. Clothes. As mentioned earlier, I pack light. Not in number but the texture, fabric and surface area of the clothe. Since I’m not really particular in clothing, but I am in color. This year, I’m going for yellow but mostly greens both in lighter hues. Knowing your preferences in clothes, as a lady, narrows the distractions for selection. This actually takes a lot of time for me. Thinking which to actually buy. And I’m highly visual so I tend to think on slightest details. Girl talk. Now we’re done with weight of the clothe. Next is texture. Always not use the furry kind. Always think of smooth and silky. The surface area is lesser so it can harbor less microbes on the extra creases. It saves you time from being sick for possible congestion. Boarding rooms are actually smaller than small and hotter than hot. So decongestion could come in a long way even from little details.
    3. Toiletries. This is imperative. Each one is. But not necessarily the ones we always bring. And we always forget. I do checklist and gather them all at once. To never forget the ones you think you already have. Key on not misplacing them, don’t open them back ones you got them all in.
    4. School Stuffs. Books. Pens. Earplugs. And bare essentials. The lesser the more efficient. It saves you from future hauls and emminent clutter. A planner or a big calendar always works.
    5. Chi. A hobby. It’s for good chi. I get stressed from the slightest of sound. That dont actually work in the city and in an enclosed space such as a room. So find a way to destress. Know what works for you and its accessibility from where you’re at.

All the things needed to be done will always be there. Save them for later or much more, you will do them tasks still. Might as well pack ahead and do it one go unless necessary.


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