How to Be A Busy Bee

There are many advantages if you’re active, if you’re not medically contraindicated of course. It boosts your immune system, lowers chance of getting vascular diseases, continually stimulates your brain so lowers neurodegenerative diseases and basically boosts your way of life.

You’d tend to be less of a slug, you inspire yourself and the inspiration that overflows within rubs of to the people you hang around. Both great on either one.

So how to start being active without the onslaught of inspirational and motivational reads that seemed to always contradict itself with its vagueness? Here are some scientific ways of goodness and persistence:

1. Gradually tune in to upbeat music. From those mellow, heart-wretching sentimental musings of the soul, go for rnb to pop to edm and then mixtapes. You can find different genres in Spotify all day. Study showed that these changes in auditory stimuli creates new pathways in the brain to produce hormones such as endorphins and serotonins , the happy hormones. I’d liketo give emphasis on the gradual part of change. Change is good but when one abruptly bombard the brain of all different stimuli it may confuse the brain which neuronal pathways to give the stimuli to. Like a passenger on which bus to take. It may get lost due to congestion. But if you think you’re capable and ranging Einstein level then stimulate away. The world needs more einsteins known than stagnant and never really reached their potentials.

2. Then we have the get out of bed and change clothes from sleepwears to maybe casual or going out clothes. Nothing fashion ready kind of clothes but you get the point. Anything not too comfortable that induces sleep and loungey. It helps in gradually signalling the brain to be active. The neuronal pathways that were stimulated are reminded that you are to do some stuffs qhatevr that is. And yes, even if you have no plans of going out or see anybody, dress decently.

3. Lastly, Choose bright colors. If youever find yourself not having a preference then go for pastels and anything bright. Did you know that the rays from the sun instantly reminds the pituitary gland to produce endorphins which in turn wakes you up? And bright colors as well. Yellows, light greens, blue hues. Yes, that is why we opt for dim litted spaces when we’d want to sleep. It facilitates rest and sleep of the easily stimulated urgh distracted brain. And it goes both ways for waking up.

Well, that’s the end of the list. It’s more effective when you start with which you’re most familiar wit. For example, you learn fast with visual stimuli or through music. If you’re not sure, then which ones bug you the most? When its oo loud or when there’s too much color and dissaray in your surroundings?And start from there. All the activities youd want to give a try, jogging, gymming, travelling, learning more.

I just found a quick test from designtaxi and you might give this a try to know which learner are you, click here .


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