How to Deal With Difficult People

Difficult people are more than difficult to deal with. More so, in times when you’re as disagreeable yourself.

We all have days when we don’t feel being the bigger person in the room aka giving the other brat a leeway when he or she is being their bratty self. And when we let them have their way incessantly, they’d tend to increase dosage of absolute difficultness. Those had to stop. Especially when you’re feeling less kind and less of a bigger person in the room. To put things nicely.

Other people tends to miscalculate kindness of any form and they guage this quality time and time again. There are people who actually find it funny annoying other people just because they’re quite displeased with themselves. Frustrations eat people up from the inside. And these frustrations stem from the inequality between reality and personal expectations.

Sure, we understand that. But that does not excuse anyone every damn time of being assholes. And you’re no saint yourself. We’re equal human beings capable of both positiveande less positive things to happen in each of our lives aka we have our own baggages to deal with. Remember you do not need always giving way for other people every time and this does not make you a bad person.

It is just that in life we encounter toxicities in levels above our own and as toxic levels go, we don’t have to drink those whenever it is presented to us. We take what we can only take. Take the level of  BS we can take. Know your boundaries. Be a kind person, always. But don’t be stupid. Know when to stop taking crap from people and start demanding for the things you want. Respect. Regard. Ample recognition.


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