How to Celebrate Lent

Lent, in all its interpretations, is simply the season of strengthening our relationship with the Lord.

We express and practice this quite differently, but the end point is still the same. And we may have heard different practices done during this season, they tend to confuse when everything is done all at the same time which does not add up when we don’t research enough why these practices are even done in the first place. The resulting confusion to these varying practices contradicts the essence of calmness in meditation.

But this does not mean everything does not work. The abstinence from almost everything we enjoy such as pork, social networking sites, television, shopping, gaming, etc. It may work for them, some and more but not necessarily works for every single person who celebrates lent.

Abstinence does work. It lessens the distractions and supposedly we try to somehow find peace in Christ through these times. But when you find yourself heavily dwelling on the activities you reign in then it also mars the purpose.

During times like these, we tend to cease the practice of abstinence all together. Thinking we can’t do it anyway so might as well wing it. But, for the nth time, lent is not about abstinence. It is the rejuvenation of our personal relationship with Christ. And to arrive to that peace with Him, in whatever form and means, is more than great if not exactly what we were asked to do. People who tells you otherwise and dictates their orthodox beliefs on you, just ignore. It is the season to be kind. The season to be kind to others that emanates from raw kindness within. And that rawness, we find only with Christ.

How we celebrate Lent actually depends on our preference. We may practice the olden ways or find the perfect way on our own. Either way, from dust we are made and from dust we shall return; it is Christ we are for and in Christ we shall return. Or you may wander, He’d be waiting for you still the same.



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