How to Stay Happy

You can’t turn off and on how you feel.  It doesn’t have a switch you can lay hands on.

Being happy requires nothing of words and presence. Requires no food or stress shoppings… It is a feeling one feels when enough hormones are produced as engineered by our DNA. To that, we strive to be happy. Chase it. The search may end up being immediate gratification spree but a sincere effort nonetheless.

It takes time. Memories. And previous affirmations to find it. None of which to be chased for but we still do it. We forget often that what we were chasing was hope. A hope for happiness. More often, we look for other people’s happiness in high hopes of being able to be shared of sunshine.

But as anything borrowed, it is ours by fleeting moments. We return them. And be chasing back again.

The cycle is tiresome but the cause is worthwhile. That is why we do it until we find  the happiness for our own.

Meanwhile, we can rely on endorphins from seeing the the brightest rays of sunshine in mornings. Feasty breakfasts to boost usthrough our search for another day. And exercises and dancing with the most reverberating bass to get us running. To these we can start for our own. The road may not be as defined as we hoped for. But quite a pendulum of which we undergo. But one day we’ll find it for ourselves. And through the course, we realize little of little things what makes it more.


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