How to Procrastinate Perfectly

This, right here, is a blaaast!

I mean, I’ve been meaning to do this whole thing since time immemorial but I also thought would I ever have a chance? But I diiid! It’s hella scary at first and you’d feel lost for a long, long time but once you get the hang of it and know what to do right after your stint, and know exactly what you want to come out of it then you, my friend, are good to go.

So let’s start!

First, procrastinating means doing everything later. To let you do things at your own pace and yup you might have guessed it right. I practically have done nothing. I slept my ass off. Watched tv. Eat when I want to and gained weight for the longest of time. Most days I slept and surfed the net day in and day out. It was the life that I’ve always dreamed of as a child. A hakuna matata kind of life. And being a true blue introvert, it’s safe to say I only went out of the house for an average of 5hours a week max. That includes mass and post mass eat out with the girls.

But, as everything you’ve thought was great it turns out to be not as great. Lol you can get it. So yes. I eventually got bored from it. Extremely, extremely *to emphasize the reality of it* got bored from the wonders of very fast internet connection *no offense to you, myPLDT DSL* and all natgeo and csi and  Rizzoli and Isles can ever give *no offense to you too, Cignal.

I realized for myself that I really want to work my ass off. And be out there despite my normally energy-conserving self. Lol. I want to do things and contribute to the wicked, wicked world of adulthood. Just coz it’s fun. Its possibilities are fun to expect to. To actually have a discernible output. I liked that.

Along the way, I realized those but I can’t still go back to the things I’ve put on hold so I thought might as well, know the outside world. Have fun with the remaining days of actual freedom. Since the place I’m going to leaves nothing for sleep let alone all things random. But I can honestly say this time that I’ve done the hermit-life and I still choose to be a Ravenclaw and immerse my usual boring self in books and coffee.

With that mindset. The knowing where you’re going after the ride, I basically have done this blog of sharing some things to random people. Never too deep or too shallow. Just random things that might entertain and help out. And a lot of randomly, random stuffs. Like sketching, painting with different sorts of medium, gardening, cooking, yoga, exercise apps and hardcore ‘team bahay’ fangirling. As you know I share nothing in Facebook. I use it as a news outlet these days. I don’t even use it as my homepage. Nope. Not google or yahoo. Lol, heck no. Not Instagram. So yes. To procrastinate perfectly you have to be a little lost or more but get there in the end. To that I’ve noticed time, is time for itself. It won’t define itself as meanwhile or soon or brief. It’s the time that is timely.

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “How to Procrastinate Perfectly

    1. No. Procrastination is when the limbic system(pleasure center) wins over the prefrontal brain (planning center), in an event when we are faced in a distasteful activity. Spontaneity is more often than not includes a tempting activity. Completely diff.


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