How to Stay Positive in Life Amidst the Purge

You can never really tune out negativity. The news is a constant reminder of everything that is going wrong. How mean and vile a person’s actions and intentions were. How detestable some people’s quality of living is. Or the accidents that happen from near and afar. No one wanted those. Most of the people, I am sure, don’t want those happening to others as well.

Some days, it may get to you. All those negativity that you can’t control will keep on bugging and gnawing in our subconscious. Through time it makes you forget of goodness, unicorns, hope and faith. I mean, why be nice and kind when the world is in constant mess? If not, when at times your country wins a couple of crowns or there’s a promotion in your family, things around you will find its way to mess up on its own. It’s beyond tiresome. And disheartening, to say the least.

But- No one wants to live that empty. No one wants to only see the mean and vile things done to earth. Bombings, killings, prejudice, insecurities, envy, greed, hunger, bullying… It does no one good to dwell on things that cannot be changed or things we can’t control. So we look elsewhere. I don’t know where ‘that’ is exactly but somewhere, it is out there. A reason to smile from the heart. A reason to hope for better days ahead.

Most, seek for love but that seems so hard to find these days. So the traveling begins. The escapades that gives adrenaline to experience new things. Feel a little more than what we usually see. And breathe a little different kind of breeze. The saltiness in beaches, the cool mist on mountain peaks or another kind of pollutes but heavy on lights, cigars and everything in between.

We seek happiness. We seek whatever it is to remind us the beauty the world has to offer. How giving it is. How kind nature truly is. How pure and sincere every tree and every bird chirping as we walk by. And how hospitable people really are. Most days we get lucky and meet the masters of art in food, interiors and cultures. We bask in the greatness of the world in these. Feeling the privilege of being part of something great as human civilization  and its diversities.

These let us be reminded that there is sense in staying kind and striving for goodness for ourselves and for others. ‘Cause even though most days we’re surrounded with colossal havoc of everything dark, its darkness is a reminder that in it there is light. And only time can reveal how bright the light will be in our journey of life.

This made me value life more. The chance of knowing the possibilities of tomorrows hold of each and every one around. Who knows? So each day, no matter how little kindness done to others and done to the world, we can do. In high hopes that in these little things, we can form a habit of caring and do everything nice. And one day, in due time, those ripples of kindness will wash away our tides. Besides, it’s nice to look at everything pretty. Might as well make and chase at the same time.




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