How to Find Great Company for Dine & Wine

“In vino Veritas.” 

If there’s one thing I’d love about changing residences to here in Cebu it’s most definitely the wide array of gourmet dishes, classy interiors and wines!

And last night we went to a couple of places that were worth the time, memory and every penny. Plus great company to top it all off. Must say I had the best time, per usual, with the girls.

First, we decided to have a languorous dinner in The Social. The place is perfect for diners which has a lot of tables, classy selections of high red stools, comfy benches and wooden chairs for some. The color schemes of reds, grays and browns for the interior that adds to the ambiance and sophistication of the place is commendable. And it has a wide selection of premium spirits, wines and beers on their bars.

They had a varied menu for selection but not so many that tends to confuse patrons which ones to choose. So we peacefully chose our dishes and settled with their grilled 1/2 Chicken with lemon and thyme in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and fries as our side dish.

Their grilled section actually has choices for both their sauces and side dishes and this is one of the parts that I tend to get stressed out when ordering. It just has too much to choose from and I just want to make the meal not less of an experience. When this happens, I tend to ask the attendant which ones he or she recommends. It doesn’t hurt to ask from the staff which ones they recommend from the selection especially when you’re new to the place. And most often than not, if there’s anyone who knows their menu and which ones the patrons’ prefers, it would be them. Kudos to all the hospitable servers of The Social.

And since it was a Friday, we opted for their Seafood Risotto. It was served with clams, prawns, mussels, saffron. I personally liked how it was seasoned, not so strong and under, and its consistency for the pudding, it was creamy but not totally mushy. Lol I don’t know if I described it perfectly but it was the best rice pudding thus far. And the clams were perfect to say the least. They were not hard to chew and not over and under cooked or baked.

And lastly, we had to try their pastas and started of with Carbonara Fettucine with bacon, parma ham, mushrooms, and freshly grated parmesan. It’s different from other carbonara pastas that we’ve tried since it’s not all too creamy or too seasoned. I personally liked the seasoning since I’m not all for over seasoned and too strong flavors so this one is a fresh take from all the others which gives off too much mushroom, cheese and cream. And they have a different take on the bacon. It’s not fried. So you can actually taste the bacon with the fettuccini and not so much with the crunchiness which is the usual take on bacon in pastas.

And what is a dinner without some wine? We had to choose their Moscato for the night. Not too alcoholic, sweet and bubbly. And has the right amount of bitterness fit for the dishes we ate. It actually complimented the different dishes making me appreciate the variety of food flavors and its seasoning.

We wanted to wait for their live band performance, they usually start past 9pm, but we decided we had to try  Maya Mexican Restaurant’s at Crossroads. As a night cap, aka sharing of random deets about medschool , we tried shots and glasses of some Bailey’s with cherry, Mojito’s with lemon and mint and another drink I can’t remember. Lol. Go figure.

I had to say, both places have some intense interiors. Like The Maya’s has a great wall of skulls with chandeliers and high ceilings and might I add the perfectly curated selection of lamps and lights. While The Social lived to its ad, it really is a perfect place may it be a quality quick bite, languorous dinner, or a homely family brunch, they offer a fresh and locally sourced all day menu suitable for any discerning palate. You can also expect gourmet coffees, luxurious teas, signature cocktails, and of course premium spirits, wine and beers.

But as the old saying goes, choose the neighbors first before the house. To have and enjoy a great food experience, you have to share it with the people you can be yourself with. Whose company you enjoy and your company to theirs as well. And wines are perfect in finding these company. Since there is knowledge to it, “In vino Veritas”. In wine there is truth. 



If you want to try the place, The Social Ayala, here’s a link for their menu. And the price range for the food is around 300-500php per dish good for 2-3 persons and wines is 800 and above per bottle. It’s located a floor above Bigby’s, use the escalator there. Turn left and you’ll see it already near Seafood Island. For Maya‘s at crossroads, it’s around 200 and above. But you can order a shot served in 2 glasses. Not for all cocktails, though. But still, great tip for not getting too drunk and catching up. You’re welcome. ❤


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